Don’t Look Up

– well intentioned but irritatingly smug satire (read: Hollywood funded trolling) undersells the prolonged and unprecedented suffering resulting from climate change by reimagining the threat as an instant death. The point it aims to make is important, but rather than seek to persuade, it preaches to the converted in a self-congratulatory fashion, while those yet to be convinced will either feel insulted or not recognise themselves in its story. Message aside, it’s not great as a drama or comedy either: hammy, slapstick, and often distracted by its knowing nods and winks to real life characters and scenes. It’s also way too long.

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Sammy Cornello
Sammy Cornello

Although I did sort of enjoy this film (whilst finding it a bit too silly), I must say I agree with your review.

I also admit to being one of the people congratulating myself, when I think about it.

Agree–it was too long.