About BennyViews film reviews

BennyViews.com offers human to human, algorithm-free film reviews and TV show recommendations, categorised by genre. The opinions are from critic, writer and journalist, Benedict Garman.

BennyViews is an aggregation of at-a-glance reviews accumulated over about a decade of screen watching – every film and TV series Benedict Garman has seen since May 2010 organised by the date they were watched.

Film and TV fans can filter by category, use the easy site search magnifying glass in the navigation menu, or simply scroll to browse and find something that tickles their fancy. (Tip: impatient viewers can also cut to the chase and only see the highest rated films by clicking on the Smiley of Approval).

On each review, audiences can comment, leave their own review, or shortcut straight to TMDb by clicking on the film title, where they can read more about the film or TV series.

BennyViews will help you discover the gems worth watching when algorithms that think they know you are serving the same old guff every time you log in to Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu and the like.